When searching for houses on the internet, especially Craigslist, if the Realtor’s contact info is not on the ad, IT COULD BE A SCAM!

This is the second time this week a client contacted me about an ad they saw on Craigslist for a house, way too good to be true rate, and no contact info.

The advertising rules of Section 61J2-10.025(3)(a), Florida Administrative Code, require that Internet ads display the brokerage company’s licensed name above, below or adjacent to the brokerage or individual licensee’s point of contact information. The Code further defines point of contact information as mailing and/or physical addresses, email addresses, and telephone or fax numbers.

When searching online, only inquire with the Realtor who’s information is on the ad.

Contact me if you have any questions or are concerned about who you are working with.

Peter A. Daniel, REALTOR®
EXIT Realty Seybold Brokers
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