Over $2 billion provided to help more than 12,500 people with 4,000 pets find A New Path to Homeownership®

  • Looking for a fantastic home to rent but can’t seem to find it?
  • Tired of paying costly application fees and still not get the house?
  • Have you had a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy?

Then the Lease Purchase program may be perfect for you! The Lease Purchase program provides a clear path to homeownership. The process is easy, transparent, and built on a foundation of choice and flexibility. Our goal is to help more people get into great homes, in neighborhoods they love, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future.

This program allows you to find a home that you rent initially, but may also like to buy within the next five years. Zero down payment, 2 months security deposit and a low application fee are just a few of the reasons why thousands are saying “yes” to lease purchasing a home.

The Challenge

Many people want the benefits of living in a single family home. However, whether they’re a first-time homebuyer who’s cautious about making such a large financial investment, someone who has recently relocated and is unsure of which neighborhood to live in, or someone who is creditworthy, but cannot currently obtain a mortgage, they hope to one day buy a home, but aren’t ready now.

The Solution

The Lease Purchase program provides the opportunity for people to move into a great home and community today that otherwise may not be available in the rental market.

How It Works

Qualified prospective residents work with My Realtor Pete to select the right home for them. They can choose from a wide variety of properties in communities that the Lease Purchase program serves that fit their budget and meet the investment criteria.

We work to get potential homeowners on A New Path to Homeownership®– by purchasing the home of their choice and delivering an attractive lease structure with the right to purchase the home in the future.

Why It Works

The Lease Purchase program’s approach provides meaningful benefits for prospective homeowners, the communities it serves, and the real estate community.

Pre-Qualification Criteria

Below are the basics of program eligibility but criteria is similar to rental applications with only a $75 APPLICATION FEE PER HOUSEHOLD!

  • Minimum credit score of 575 for all applicants is required to be eligible for the program.
  • $50,000 – 150,000+ Annual Household Income, documented
  • No evictions or default under a lease agreement in the past five years.
  • No unacceptable criminal history reported specifically in previous 10 years.
  • Maximum of three pets with a combined weight of 180 lbs., certain breed restrictions apply

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